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INGREDIENTS: 2 Eggs 2 Tbsp Milk Salt Pepper ½ Tsp Oil Toppings (optional): Cheddar Cheese, Ham, Peppers 1. In mixing bowl, add 2 eggs, 2 Tbsp Milk, Salt and Pepper. 2. Whisk to combine. 3. Heat RoadPro Frying Pan, add ½ Tsp oil (swirl to cover pan) 4. Pour in egg mixture. 5. Use spatula to cook egg, without flipping. (will take approx. 8 mins, depending on pan’s heat distribution) 6. Make sure to scrape liquid on top to the side to cook fully. 7. Add your ingredients to one half of the omelet: Cheddar cheese, ham, peppers, etc. 8. Cover with lid and cook until cheese is melted (4 minutes is safe) 9. Once cooked, Remove lid. Fold the omelet in half and press down. 10. Serve

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